Terms & Conditions

Upon receipt of any ski rental equipment provided in connection with the agreement, I agree to inspect such equipment and return any such equipment for exchange if it is found to be unsatisfactory for my use. I also understand that the binding release/retention values will be set on the basis of my height, weight, skier type and age, and verify the accuracy of all information provided by me or on my behalf in connection with this ski rental.

I understand and am aware that skiing is a HAZARDOUS activity. I understand that the sport of skiing and the use of ski equipment involves a risk of injury to any and all parts of the user’s body. I hereby agree to freely and expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury to the user of this equipment.

I understand that I will be instructed on the use and function of the ski equipment and I understand that I may ask the rental shop technicians whatever questions I may have about the ski equipment until all such questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

I understand that the ski equipment being furnished forms a part of or all of the ski-boot binding system which will not release or retain at all times, or under all circumstances, and that it is not possible to predict every situation in which it will or will not release or retain, and that its use can not guarantee the user’s safety or freedom from injury while skiing, I further agree and understand that this ski-boot binding system does NOT ELIMINATE THE RISK OF INJURIES to any part of the user’s body.

I agree to release the manufacturer, the distributor, the retailer and rental establishment, who manufacture, distribute and provide this snowboard skiing equipment from any and all responsibility or liability or damages of any kind to the user of the equipment listed on this form, or to any other person. I agree not to make any claim or institute any legal action against the manufacturer, distributor, retailer and rental establishment, if any, who provided the equipment for injuries or damages incurred as a result of the use of the equipment. I agree to check the ski equipment before each use, including the Teflon pad (AFD) under my boot sole, and that I will not ski if any parts are worn, damaged, or missing. I understand that the shop will exchange or readjust this equipment at any time, free of charge, and that I should not make any adjustments on my own.

It is understood that the rental equipment is to be used for normal recreational skiing only, and that if the equipment is not returned on the last day of this agreement in as good condition as when rented (wear and tear due to normal recreational usage excepted), or if it is lost or stolen, I am responsible to pay in cash for repair charges, further rental charges, or replacement at the full retail value.

I hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions of this contract. This document constitutes the final and entire agreement between this rental shop and the undersigned. This rental shop, itself, provides NO WARRANTIES, express or implied, and the ski equipment is accepted as is. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand it contents. I am aware that this is an acknowledgment of risk and a contract between myself and this rental shop, and I sign it of my own free will.