Which Ski Rental Package is right for You?

Adult Rental: For First-Timers and Beginners
When you’re first learning to ski, it’s crucial to develop your ability to make turns so that you can control your speed and stop. Being in control keeps you safe and prevents you from colliding with other people on the hill. Built for beginners, the Adult Rental Package has equipment that addresses these concerns. 

The skis in this package are relatively short, so they’re easier to turn. Plus, they’re stable, yet flexible, and very forgiving, so they respond well when a person is moving slowly. These qualities make them ideal if you’re learning the ropes on groomed terrain. 

Premium Rental: For Intermediates or Advanced Skier
Choose Premium Rental Package to increase your speed and explore more of the mountain. When you begin to carve turns cleanly, rather than skid into them, you need a more responsive ski. By upgrading your gear, you can continue to improve your technique. The skis in the Premium Rental Package tend to be stiffer and have sharper edges so they’ll react well and provide stability as you aggressively apply more force at higher speeds. 

If you’re ready to explore more of the mountain, the Performance Package is perfect. Equipment in this package will support you as you increase your speed and tackle different types of terrain. You can get a variety of models with different shapes and sizes to handle all kinds of conditions as well. At

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Experience the thrill with the latest equipment from top brands such as Elan, Dynastar, Salomon, Atomic, Burton, and Vans. We're always up-to-date with the latest gear to ensure you have the best on the slopes.

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Ski Rental Gear & On-Hill Accessories

Experience the thrill of the slopes with our premium selection of ski rental gear. We offer top-quality equipment from renowned brands to enhance your skiing adventure:

  • Elan: Known for their innovation and high-performance skis, Elan offers a fantastic range of options for all skill levels.
  • Atomic: Atomic's ski equipment is engineered for precision and speed, making it a favorite among skiing enthusiasts.
  • Salomon: With a reputation for cutting-edge technology, Salomon's ski gear is designed to maximize your on-mountain experience.
  • Dynastar: Dynastar's skis are trusted by skiers of all levels, offering reliability and versatility.
  • Lange: Lange's ski boots provide exceptional comfort and performance to keep you carving those turns all day.
  • Nordica: Nordica's ski equipment is celebrated for its performance and durability, ensuring you're ready for any terrain.
  • Roxa: Roxa offers a great selection of ski boots, known for their fit and function to enhance your skiing.
  • Alpina: Alpina's ski gear combines precision and style, ensuring you look good and perform at your best on the slopes.

Snowboard Rental

For those who prefer snowboarding, we've got you covered with premium snowboard rental options from the following brands:

  • Burton: Burton is a legendary name in snowboarding, offering top-notch boards and gear for riders of all levels.
  • Endeavour: Endeavour's snowboards are designed for those who demand performance and style in the terrain park or backcountry.