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How do I know When My Gear Needs Wax or Tuning?

To determine if your skis or snowboard might be in need of some service, consider the following: 

Assess your base. Carefully look over the underside of your skis or snowboard. Is the base bright and shiny or drying out? Do you notice more and more snow sticking to the bottom? These are all good signs that you could use a wax. It’s important to remember that you can wax as often as you’d like; some racers and expert skiers wax their skis and snowboards every day.

Look at your edges. Carefully assess your edges to make sure they are fairly sharp. Lightly slide your fingers down the edge to see if the metal is getting dull and worn down. Bear in mind that edges should be regularly checked to keep turns efficient and easy.

Still questioning if you need some service? Feel free to stop by and ask one of our service professionals.

Service Offered: Sharpen & Wax - $40, Premium Sharpen & Wax $50, Adjustment $15

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